Nina Haley

My passion is offering non-judgemental support to women throughout their life's journey.  Through the practice of yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, educational classes, workshops, reatreats and full circle (full spectrum) services, I support women through menarche, menstruation, fertility and infertility, conception and contraception, miscarriage and loss, pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, perimenopause and menopause. My yoga classes, healing programs and educational classes assist women in empowering themselves from within, relieving the discomforts and stresses of every day life, strengthening their minds and bodies and creating space for a sacred pause during their busy day.

The deep meditative practice of woman-centered yoga has guided me through two pregnancies, the birth of twins, a homebirth, 3 international moves, divorce and the many challenges of motherhood and life.  Through yoga, yoga nidra and meditation I have learned to bring more happiness into my life, to live in my own true nature - joy!

Currently you can enjoy my yoga, yoga nidra and meditation classes at Tru3 Yoga in Ras Salmiya and at Rana Fitness in Rawda.

Women’s wellness educational classes are held throughout Kuwait and include childbirth education, menstrual education, fertility awareness, body literacy, sexual and reproductive health.

Since 2004 I have facilitated women's fitness classes for thousands of women in the United States and abroad.  I am a professionally trained full circle (full spectrum) doula and am in training to become a Fertility Awareness Educator and Sexual & Reproductive Health Educator.  My offerings have expanded to include women's wellness retreats and yoga teacher trainings for yoga and fitness professionals, doulas, childbirth educators, fertility awareness educators, midwives, nurses and women's health and wellness professionals. In my free time I read books, play video games and travel the world with my three children.

Professional training and certifications include (click on any of the live links to see the actual certificate):



My blog shares relevant information on women's health issues, pregnancy, birth, fertility, motherhood, menstrual and pelvic health, nutrition, and general women's issues around the world.

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