My body was tired and I became tired of practicing yoga postures and pranayama as if my uterus and ovaries didn’t exist.
— Nina Haley

this 4 day, 30 hour training offers education on the female reproductive anatomy, the menstrual cycle and how a cycle conscious yoga & meditation practice can assist in menstrual health, the 5th vital sign. this course offers 30 hours of yoga alliance approved continuing education credits.

Cycle Awareness Yoga™ is a 30-hour yoga program created to educate and empower yoga students and yoga teachers in modifying their yoga practice to support a healthy menstrual cycle. This program is a culmination of my years of experience as a woman with a menstrual cycle, fertility awareness practitioner, yoga practitioner and yoga teacher. While working with female yoga students in both group and private sessions, I heard too many stories of women experiencing discomfort in the uterine or pelvic region during a yoga class, workshop, retreat or training when they practiced a yoga posture, breathing exercise or yoga sequence at some point during their menstrual cycle. Some women would even miss a period during intense training or they would skip class during bleed time.

Cycle Awareness Yoga™ provides women with the information and practical tools to practice yoga in a way that supports the energetics of their menstrual cycle and how to make the necessary changes to their practice to suit their specific needs. Yoga students and yoga teachers will gain the knowledge they need to make their own choices about their yoga practice as it pertains to their menstrual cycle, while teachers will also gain the skills to teach different styles of yoga that may not flow with the energy of their cycle. Both will learn what it means to practice yoga with awareness of their menstrual cycle.

Price: 200KD / $657 (price includes the Body Literacy Series: Fertility Awareness Method Course)