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Mission & Vision

The mission and vision are simple and yet, not so easy, but we shall prevail!

Women in the Street


My mission is to support women and girls throughout their life’s journey and reproductive health cycles. I share ancestral and learned knowledge with women around the world so that they can advocate for themselves, empower themselves from within, reclaim their health and liberate themselves from the pressures of society, while also discovering their own authentic true selves.

Women in the Street


Empowered women rise up and inspire future generations, they create safe spaces for younger women and girls to discover who they really are at their core. My vision is a world where women and girls feel safe in their own bodies, they understand what is happening throughout their reproductive life cycles and they feel empowered to make the decisions that are right for themselves and their bodies. Mindful movement, menstrual cycle charting and body literacy open the door for all of this to happen in the lives of women and girls.

Happy Family
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