“So what yoga offers women is a very precious gift indeed: it is an attitude and an awareness, created by practice, that helps us to recognize these female experiences as potential siddhis (powers), so that we can respectfully encounter them as initiations into power.”
— Uma Dinsmore-Tuli


Cycle Awareness Yoga™


Through the practice of Cycle Awareness Yoga™, students can reconnect with their bodies and their menstrual cycles.  In Cycle Awareness Yoga™ classes we can talk about "the things we don't talk about" in regular studio yoga classes.  Students will learn to flow with their flow, meaning they can modify and change their yoga practice throughout their cycle by paying close attention to how they feel both mentally, emotionally and physically.  Students are able to delve into their practice and take away what they need to best serve themselves. 

Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart. Cycle Awareness Yoga™ focuses on the whole body, with emphasis on heart and womb space. Through meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama, mudras, mantras and asanas that include spiraling, circular and waving movements we draw attention to the natural cycles within the body.  This practice is about utilizing your yoga and meditation practice to support a healthy menstrual cycle. Private, semi-private, group classes and live online classes available. The 30-hour Cycle Awareness Yoga™ Training Program is available for teachers and students wishing to further empower and educate themselves about yoga and the menstrual cycle.

Cycle Awareness Yoga™ classes at Tru3 Yoga every Tuesday at 1pm.

Menstrual Yoga


Menstrual yoga is a gentle, restorative womb yoga practice that respects and honors a woman's body and mind during her bleed time. Menstrual yoga is offered in private sessions as women book their appointments for their predicted period or when their period begins. When practiced during the monthly moon time, menstrual yoga can support women in relieving common discomforts associated with menstruation, in addition to relieving symptoms associated with amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, PCOS, perimenopause, menopause and other conditions surrounding menstrual bleeding.

Fertility Yoga


The practice of fertility yoga supports women through pre-conception to conception.  Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been trying to conceive for a while, fertility yoga can assist in preparing the mind and body for carrying new life.  The practice of fertility yoga, yoga nidra and meditation supports both wholistic and medical approaches to conceiving. 

In fertility yoga classes you will practice yoga postures that can help to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, increase sexual desire and intimacy with your partner.  You will also learn meditations to reduce stress and anxiety and yoga nidras to help release negative thoughts to increase your fertility and chances of conceiving.

Pregnancy Yoga


Pregnancy yoga classes in Kuwait have a number of benefits for the expectant woman.  Prenatal yoga can help alleviate common discomforts associated with pregnancy, prepare you both physically and mentally for the rigors of labor, connect you with your baby(ies) and offer you connections with other women sharing a similar experience.  Practicing yoga while pregnant helps women become familiar with regulating their breath to relieve tension, stress and discomfort, while also preparing for labor and birthing.  Prenatal yoga practice also builds strength and endurance in both mind and body.  In prenatal yoga classes, you can prepare for the process of labor in a peaceful and protected environment, ask questions, share experiences and learn more about labor and birthing from a mom of 3 and professional doula with over 10 years of prenatal and postnatal fitness experience.

Private Prenatal Yoga lessons are highly recommended for those who are expecting multiples (twins, triplets, etc), those who have had multiple miscarriages (early or late term), those who have received multiple IVF treatments, those with prolapse, severe diastasis recti or pubic symphosis syndrome.

Postnatal Yoga


Postpartum bodies can take anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years to heal, and once a body is postnatal, it is always considered postnatal and requires more detailed attention. Postnatal yoga classes offer postpartum women the chance to heal from laboring and birthing.  Classes are gentle, therapeutic, nourishing, healing and designed around the needs of new mothers.  You will find lots of bolsters, pillows and blankets to provide a comfortable space for you to move, breath, rest, reconnect and nurture yourself.  Class focuses on healing and re-educating the pelvic floor, slowly strengthening and stabilizing the muscles of the pelvis and the body, decompressing the organs of the lesser pelvis, using the breath to relax, relieve tension and stress, rest and allow your body the space to recuperate!  Rest is the most important thing new parents need and my postnatal yoga class provides the opportunity for parents to rest and rejuvenate. 

Private Postnatal Yoga lessons are recommended for postnatal women who have incontinence, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic girdle pain or any other issues with the pelvis or pelvic floor.