I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin
— Sandra Cisneros

The reproductive health body literacy series includes classes to empower and educate women about their bodies and their choices for body autonomy. classes include: the fertility awareness method (fam), body literacy series for girls, childbirth education and postpartum recovery.

Fertility Awareness Method


The Fertility Awareness Method body literacy series is designed to support you in taking charge of your reproductive health in whatever capacity and depth you desire, whether for conscious conception, conscious contraception, general reproductive health knowledge, self-care, self-connection, self-awareness or self-empowerment. FAM is so much more than just tracking your period!

The Fertility Awareness Method is a day to day decision to observe and note the daily changes happening within the body, namely cervical fluid, basal body temperature and cervical position, as well as other body signals. Tracking fertility signals on a daily basis gives a more accurate view of overall health, fertile and infertile days and reproductive health. It can also assist women in planning their lives around their bleed times and fertile times. So whether you are looking to learn more about your body or want to dive into the fertility awareness method, this class is for you!

3 Classes (2.5 hours each) = 70KD / $230 (Payment plans available)
*Price includes 1 private follow-up consultation

I believe all women should have access to the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), therefore, payment plans are available for those who need to pay over a period of time.

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Tween & Teen Girl’s Series


The Body Literacy Series for Girls was designed by myself and my now 15 year old daughter when she began her journey into puberty and becoming a woman. We created a program to help empower and educate young girls about the many changes occurring in their bodies in language that is age appropriate and easy for them to digest. Girls will learn about what is happening inside and outside of their bodies on a hormonal, internal and external physical level. They will learn relevant terms and the basics of menstrual cycle tracking, common discomfort of menstruation and how to relieve them, as well as body-care and self-care techniques. This class series invites mothers and daughters to participate together although it is not required.

1 Class for mum & daughter (2.5 hours) = 40KD / $132

Childbirth Education


The Childbirth Education body literacy series offers expectant parents and birth partners the opportunity to learn more about their pregnancy and birthing options. There are 2 different CBE courses for expectant parents and their birth partners.

Option 1: "How, When & Why" childbirthing classes offer parents an unbiased look at pregnancy, labor and birth.  This comprehensive curriculum is evidence-based and the content is easily absorbed so that expectant parents feels prepared for their labor, birth and the immediate postpartum experience. I have added region specific information for parents giving birth in the Gulf Region.

Option 2: AMANI stands for Assisting Mothers for Active, Natural, Instictive birth for a blessed start in life.  AMANI is an Islamic based childbirth education program that is open to all faiths and is suitable for groups, couples or women only classes.  I, myself, am not Islamic but I have found that this education series is a comprehensive, hands-on and practical childbirth education program for parents giving birth in the Gulf Region.

4 Classes (2.5 hours each) = 180KD / $592 online/group or 240KD / $789 private (Payment plans are available)

Postpartum Recovery


The Postpartum Recovery body literacy class offers new mums information on healing the body and mind after pregnancy and childbirth. Did you know that it can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years for the postpartum body to heal? In this class we focus on the 4th trimester. You will learn about:

  • Pelvic Floor Physio - the importance of seeing one postpartum

  • Female reproductive anatomy

  • The postpartum hormonal cycle

  • Benefits of diaphragmatic and core breathing

  • What is diastasis recti and how to assess it

  • Rebuilding the core

  • Pelvic floor healing

  • Basic postpartum nutrition

  • Self care tips and techniques for new mums

  • Conscious baby spacing

2 Classes (2 hours each) = 40KD / $132