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Join my 12 week one-to-one coaching program to balance your hormones and reclaim your health & well-being!

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Nina Haley

Who Am I...

Well, I love yoga, uteruses and helping women reclaim their health, balance their hormones and empower themselves from within. I'm the creatrix of Cycle Awareness Yoga® and the founder of the Cycle Awareness Collective™, a women's wellness platform featuring cycle-conscious yoga, meditation and fitness classes, nutrition coaching, menstrual cycle charting and body literacy courses to support you throughout your reproductive life cycle, from menarche, pregnancy, postpartum, to peri-menopause and menopause.

I also love gaming, 90's R&B, Guy Ritchie films, and I've been in the fitness and women's wellness industry since 2001...

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What My Clients Say...

"My sessions with Nina was something I would look forward to all week, and I am constantly stunned at the extent Nina goes to educate women on their bodies and spread her knowledge and make it accessible to as many women as possible."

- N.A., Kuwait


Cycle Awareness Philosophy

Empowered women change the world, that's why I weave women's wellness and chakra work into badass, healing movement sequences, body literacy courses and yoga teacher trainings for women and girls around the globe.

Cycle-conscious mindful movement and body literacy are embodiment practices that can be used for self-discovery, self-healing, empowerment and liberation of your mind, body and soul.

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