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Tired of "Female Problems" Leaving You Feeling Stuck?

Reclaim Your Health &


one step at a time!

Join my Cycle Awareness Health Coaching programs and say goodbye to hormonal hell, period pains that derail your day or the mysteries of menopause that keep you feeling disconnected from your body. Health is more than a state of being, it's a lifelong journey... let's embark together!

Does this sound

like you?

  • Do you have painful, heavy or irregular periods?

  • Does your uterus seem angry?

  • Are you experiencing hormonal hell?

  • Is PMS or PMDD controlling your life?

  • Do you have PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids or cysts?

  • Do you want to stop taking hormonal birth control?

  • Are your perimenopause symptoms out of control?

  • Do you exercise but can't lose bellyfat?

  • Are you struggling to get pregnant?

  • Are you tired all the time?

  • Do you crave caffeine and sugar?

  • Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise?

If you answered YES to any of the above, there are SOLUTIONS to support you in balancing your hormones and reclaiming control of your health and well-being!

woman with questions about menopause

Hey there!

I'm Nina Haley
Integrative Women's Health Coach

I help women connect with the power of their unique bodies, so they can reclaim their health & well-being... one step at a time!

It's taken severe period pain, hormonal birth control, ovarian cysts, cryofreeze and a cervical biopsy, birthing twins, diastasis recti, pelvic floor and core weakness, incontinence, a homebirth, hormonal imbalance, miscarriage, divorce, marriages and many many many mistakes in rediscovering myself to find that the key to my reproductive and overall health is understanding that EVERYTHING around me affects my health, menstrual cycle and overall well-being. 

My goal is to lighten the load for other women, like you, to help you avoid the numerous pitfalls and support you in reducing your menstrual challenges and optimizing your health and well-being. Let me be your guide, so that you can be your own damn hero(ine)!

headshot of nina haley

what you'll experience

Health coaching creates a powerful partnership between you and your coach, that would be me! I'm here to support you in identifying your values, goals, barriers and obstacles to experiencing a change in your health and life. My role is to support you in transforming your health and lifestyle with strategies, skills and resources that empower you to reclaim your health and well-being.

Benefits of Working with an Integrative Women's Health Coach:

Health Programs for Every Stage



Stress Management Techniques

Menstrual Cycle Charting Education


My Cycle Awareness Health Coaching Programs support women and girls throughout each stage and transition of your reproductive life cycle, from menarche to menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and peri to post menopause!

Let's get started...

Choose your reproductive life cycle stage: 

What My Clients Have to Say...

"My sessions with Nina was something I would look forward to all week. I am constantly stunned at the extent Nina goes to educate women on their bodies and spread her knowledge and make it accessible to as many women as possible."

- N. Al Sayed

“I advise every woman to take this class. Nina is an amazing teacher, she has great experience and is passionate about what she teaches. I love her.”

- S. Alkanani

“I took prenatal yoga classes with Nina during my first pregnancy. I had an incredible birth from all the breathing exercises and birthing positions I learned. I went back to her with my second pregnancy and had another great birth.”

- D.M.

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Get My Free Guide
"7 Holistic Ways to Ease Your Period Pain"

Downloadable guide with information and tips on balancing your hormones and hacking your menstrual cycle with food, herbs, movement and mindfulness.


Cycle Awareness Philosophy

Empowered women can transform their lives, that's why I weave therapeutic coaching and women's integrative health coaching into mindful movement sequences, body literacy education and health enhancing programs for women and girls around the globe.

Cycle-conscious, mindful movement and body literacy are embodiment practices that support you in reconnecting with yourself before, during and after life transitions like menarche, coming off hormonal birth control, pregnancy, birthing and peri-to-post menopause.

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