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7 Holistic Ways to Ease Period Pain



Hear what women are saying...

"My period is more manageable these days!"

I've been dealing with bad period pains since I was 16. I've tried everything from birth control to surgeries to control the pain but it would always come back. A friend recommended I contact Nina and I'm glad that I did. I was able to pinpoint foods that were aggravating me and making my periods heavy and painful.

Tami H., Florida

"My husband couldn't believe the difference."

I started with the yoga and breathing exercises, then tried changing what I was eating and Wallah. I saw a difference and my husband did too. My PMS is not as bad and the pain is so much less I can actually get out of bed on the first two days of my period. 

L. Muhammad, Kuwait

In this freebie guide "7 Holistic Ways to Ease Your Period Pain" you'll learn my top tips to ease your period pain.

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll learn...


Women's Health
Herbs & Spices

Discover powerful herbs to help regulate your menstrual cycle, ease period pain and discomfort. Yummy herbal infusion recipe included!


Period-Friendly Foods 

Learn about specific nutrient dense foods that support menstruation, a healthy cycle and optimal health. Simple recipes included.



Find out how the traditional art of wrapping your womb during menstruation can help reduce your period pain and discomfort. 

All the holistic ways you'll learn to reduce your period pain and discomfort with this freebie guide...

  • Tips to get more restful sleep and how you can create a period sanctuary

  • Optimal water intake and tips to hydrate when you just don't feel like drinking water

  • How breathwork and meditation can support stress reduction and reduce pain

  • Cycle-conscious yoga poses to bring you ease and comfort during your period

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7 Holistic Ways to Ease Period Pain


hey there! 

I'm Nina

Wife, Mother, Creator & Dreamer 

It's taken severe period pain, hormonal birth control, ovarian cysts, cryofreeze and biopsies, birthing twins, diastasis recti, pelvic floor and core weakness, a homebirth, hormonal imbalances, miscarriage, divorce, and many many many mistakes in rediscovering myself to find that the key to my reproductive and overall health is understanding that EVERYTHING around me affects my health and my menstrual cycle. 

My goal is to lighten the load for other women, like you, to help you avoid the numerous pitfalls and support you in reducing your period pain and optimizing your health and well-being. Let me be your guide, so that you can be your own damn hero!