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Hello! I'm Nina

Integrative Women's Health Coach

Women's Fitness Professional

Fertility Awareness Educator

Reproductive Health Educator

Former NPC Fitness Competitor

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

I help women connect with the power of their unique bodies, so they can reclaim their health and well-being... one step at a time!

The top 3 lifestyle changes I've made over the years that have positively impacted my life and influenced my overall health have been:

  1. learning to track my hormones and chart my menstrual/ovulation cycle 

  2. eating more nutrient dense foods

  3. learning to self-regulate my nervous system


These lifestyle changes have supported me in ditching hormonal birth control, transitioning into and out of the military,  birthing twins, healing my diastasis recti, restoring my core and pelvic floor, experiencing a phenomenal homebirth, managing 4 international moves and many domestic moves in between, miscarriage, divorce, marriages, learning to love and forgive myself, as well as others, and ultimately reclaiming my health and well-being.

I started down this path as a young athlete in gymnastics, track & field and fitness competitions. I competed on regional, national and collegiate levels, and had horrible period pain or worse, no periods at all. In the early 2000s I thought I could help other female athletes and active duty military personnel overcome the pitfalls of competitive sports and military field training, so I became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I quickly realized that women needed more than a "workout plan" to reach their optimal health and wellness goals, but at the time I had little knowledge of how women's bodies really worked.


Shortly after birthing my own children in 2004, I experienced diastasis recti, incontinence, as well as a weak core and pelvic floor. I was determined to not live with the issues everyone was telling me were "just part of being a woman and mother". From that point forward I dived deep into reproductive and hormonal health and have been learning all I can from women's health experts from around the world. I began properly charting my own menstrual cycle and working with pregnant women, postpartum women, female athletes, active duty military and female veterans, building on my knowledge and expertise in the fields of reproductive health and movement practices (fitness) over the past 20 years.


I created Cycle Awareness Yoga® to educate female yoga students and yoga teachers on how they can modify their yoga practice during each phase of their menstrual cycle, throughout their reproductive life cycle from the menarche, through the menstrual years, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause transition. The Cycle Awareness Collective™ was founded to provide a space for women and girls to learn more about their menstrual cycles and how they can optimize their health and well-being through strategic lifestyle changes and health enhancing programs for each stage of the reproductive continuum.

woman holding up 3 fingers
woman holding yoni mudra over her belly
Women's health coach certification badge
Functional Nutrition for Women's Health Professionals Certification badge
holistic core restore licensed coach
three mothers and their 3 daughters

I believe that... 

every woman and girl should have the opportunity to feel comfortable in her own body and...

overcome her health challenges by taking an active role in her health and wellness decisions. Take the first step to learn how to balance your hormones and feel at home in your body so that you can reclaim your health and well-being... one step at a time!

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