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Create Your Period Sanctuary | Red Tent

Woman laying in savasana yoga pose with her feet propped up on a bolster and a blanket over her hips

Have you created your period sanctuary, red tent or period hideout yet? If you don’t know what a period sanctuary or red tent is, it is a space or place that you create to go bleed in peace. It doesn’t have to be a whole room, it can be a shelf on your bookshelf, a space on your dresser or nightstand, it can be a window seat or place outside.

The main thing is that it’s peaceful and sacred to you. Maybe it’s quiet, maybe it’s not, maybe it’s dark, maybe it’s light. You get to decide what brings you comfort during your bleed time. You don’t need to spend hours here, just a few moments during each day of your period can be extremely healing, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. You are allowing yourself the time to focus on bleeding and releasing.

My sacred yoga and meditation space doubles as my Period Sanctuary & Red Tent. I meditate, practice yoga and pranayama, read, journal, daydream and rest in this space. When I feel like I’ve been doing too much while on my period, I set up some type of restorative posture, light my red candles, diffuse some essential oils, make myself a hot cuppa and I give myself permission to simply rest and just be.

Some things you may want to have in or near your sacred space:

  • Plants

  • Fresh flowers

  • Candles

  • Crystals

  • Essential oils and diffuser

  • Thick socks

  • Eye pillow or eye mask

  • Blankets and pillows

  • Journal and pen

  • Tarot or affirmation cards

  • Divination tools

  • Yoga mat and props

  • Whatever you require for resting

  • Tools for tapping into your creativity

If you don’t have a Period Sanctuary, consider creating one for your next bleed🩸.

Do you have a period sanctuary? What’s in your period time out space?

✌🏾& 🖤

Nina written in cursive letters


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